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John Claude Bourgoyne Jr

John Claude Bourgoyne Jr, the son of John Claude Bourgoyne Sr and Lena Mary Rockforte, was born 18 December 1950 in Plaquemine, Iberville Parish, Louisiana. He was called "Jr" by his parents and immediate family, but was given the nickname "Squeaky" later in life.  He grew up in Plaquemine and attended the public school system there. He graduated from Plaquemine High School on 29 May 1968. He attended the Baton Rouge Vocational-Technical School in Baton Rouge, Louisiana where he received his certificate in Radio-Television Repair on 25 October 1971. By 1973, he was living in Harvey, Louisiana, located on the west bank of New Orleans. The decision for him to make the move to Harvey remains unknown. While there, he began dating a young woman, Rose Marie Frazella. Shortly thereafter, he married her. Rose was the daughter of Salvadore Frazella and Helen LeCompte. The couple resided in Harvey and had two sons- John Claude Bourgoyne III and Patrick Wayne Bourgoyne.   The marriage of John Jr and Rose was brief.  John Jr moved to Lafayette, Louisiana where he worked and resided with friends.  On 04 March 1977, his family received the tragic news of his sudden, accidental death.  The story is that John Jr was preparing his bath water when he experienced an epileptic seizure, causing him to fall and hit his head, rendering him unconscious.  He drowned in the bath water.  That eventful day remains in my subconscious memories.  Charlie and I, as well as the rest of the family, were deeply saddened by the passing of our loved one.  Coincidentally, we were expecting John Jr to visit us that weekend and were looking forward to seeing him.  John Jr was 26 years old at the time of his death, much too young.  His memories remain with those of us who survive him.

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John Claude Bourgoyne Jr was baptized on 07 January 1951 in the St. John the Evangelist Church in Plaquemine, Louisiana.  Godparents were Joseph Rockforte, the brother of his mother, and Mrs. Hadley Renard.  Baptismal rites were performed by the Rev. Leonard Robin.  

Missing someone gets easier every day because even though it's one day  further from the last time you saw each other, it's one day closer to the next time you will.

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