Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Cut Off Settlement: History & Residential Illustration

After the Great Flood of 1927, residents of the Sardine Point settlement in West Baton Rouge Parish, Louisiana were "cut off" from the protection of flood waters when their levee system was destroyed and the federal government built a new levee at the neck of the peninsula.  It forced residents to abandon their homes and seek a new life.  Some of the residents "rolled" their houses from Sardine Point into nearby lands which had at once been rice fields.  Others rebuilt their homes on the abandoned rice fields.  This area was called the Cut Off by those who then inhabited it.  Until the late 1980's, many of those families remained in the Cut Off. 

1930 Residents of the Cut Off settlement, head of households listed (numbers coincide with above illustration):
1.   D. Guidry  (Domonique Guidry)
2.   Yves Tullier
3.   Valarie Hebert
4.   Norton Smith ( Norton William Smith, son of Samuel M. Smith and Julia Ferbos, married Bertha Thompson)
5.   Gervais Comeaux
6.   Howard Tullier
7.   Vincent Tullier Jr
8.   Vincent Tullier Sr
9.   Fermin Tullier
10.  Duclede Tullier
11.  Joseph Bourg
12.  Dave Simms
13.  Thomas Johnson
14.  J. H. LeMay
15.  David Comeaux
16.  Alcee Comeaux (married Laura Dupuy)
17.  Charles Tassin (married Xavier Bourgoyne, daughter of Allen Peter Bourgoyne and Marie Eugenie Tullier)
18.  Allen Bourgoyne (Allen Peter Bourgoyne, married Marie Eugenie Tullier)
19.  Albert McCullum
20.  Lionel Bourgoyne (Lionel Arthur Bourgoyne, married first Henrietta Allain, married second Jeannie Lucille Allemond)
21.  Victor Bourgoyne (married Cecile Marie Brady)
22.  Henry Bourgoyne (married Genevieve Lillie Smith, daughter of Samuel M. Smith and Julia Ferbos)
23.  Anatole Bourgoyne (married Margueritte Tullier)
24.  Romain Fryoux
25.  Alex Tullier
26.  Ernest Comeaux (married Julie White)
27.  L.M. Marionneaux  (Louis Murrell Marionneaux Sr)

If anyone has additional information on these families please contact me:  susanbourgoyne@yahoo.com, Thanks!


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  3. I'm surprised to see pages dedicated to Sardine Point, Louisiana, but oh so glad. Alcee Comeaux and Ernest Comeaux were, I assume, sons of Victorin Comeaux. My grandfather was Charles Comeaux, Victorin's brother.

  4. It's great to meet you Babble! I thought this history about Sardine Point and its people has an important place among those who wish to retain its memories. I invite you to share the information you may have about the Comeaux's. I would like to share infomation here about all the residents of Sardine Point. Thanks for joining us!