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Marguerite Odelia Tullier

Marguerite Odelia Tullier was my husband's great-grandmother.  She married Joseph Anatole Bourgoyne, the son of Jules Adolphe Bourgoyne and Victorine Frioux.  The date of their marriage remains uncertain, like many other facts from their past.  

Family tradition states that Marguerite was the daughter of Laurence Cleophus Tullier and Bazaline Tullier.  At this point, I'm uncertain who her true parents were.  From the 1860 census of West Baton Rouge Parish, Louisiana, I find "Odile Thulier", age 6, living in the household of Jasin Thulier, age 63, and Marguerite Thulier, age 55.  Also living in the household were Lawrence Thulier, age 22, and Severine Thulier, age 20, along with Roseline Thulier, age 20, and Victorin Thulier, age 12.  Ten years later, the 1870 census shows "Odile Tullier", age 15, still residing in the household of Josine and Margarite Tullier, but Laurence and Bazaline are not residing in the same house.  "Bazeline Tullier", along with four of her other children, were living in the household of Joseph and Adeline Tullier, who were reportedly her parents.  Apparently, Laurence was deceased by 1870, because Bazaline is listed as a widow.  Did Marguerite decide to remain with her paternal grandparents, Josine and Marguerite Tullier, while her mother and siblings resided elsewhere?  

Furthermore, I find on the 1860 census another family of Tullier's living nearby- Adolphe Thulier, age 39 and Euphemie Thulier, age 28, along with "Marguerite Thulier", age 4.  The same family is shown on the 1870 census, and Marguerite is again listed, at age 14.  Could this be the same Marguerite Tullier who married Joseph Anatole Bourgoyne?  Who were Marguerite's true parents?  

I have tried to gather more information from my husband's family about Marguerite's parents, but no one has been able to prove a connection between Marguerite Odelia Tullier and the couple they have listed as her parents, Laurence Cleophus and Bazaline Tullier.  

According to family records, Marguerite Tullier died 20 November 1919 in West Baton Rouge Parish, Louisiana.  At present, it is unclear where she is buried.  

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