Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Jules Adolphe Bourgoyne

Jules Adolphe Bourgoyne was my husband's great-great grandfather.  Born 30 June 1826 in Louisiana, he was the son of Jules Francois Bourgoyne and Cecile Adelaide Tullier.  

The first, and only, actual record that I have of him at present is the 1850 census:

1850 West Baton Rouge Parish, Louisiana

In 1850, Jules Adolphe Bourgoyne was living with his sister, Julienne Pourpore Bourgoyne and her husband, Faustin LeBlanc.  They are shown on the previous page of the census record, in the household of "Faustin LiBlanc". 

According to family records, Jules Adolphe Bourgoyne married Marie Victorine Fryoux on  26 May 1851 in West Baton Rouge Parish.  I have been unable to locate them on the 1860 census.

I have no further records of Jules Adolphe at this point.  He is not shown on any further census records to my knowledge.  His wife, Victorine, is listed as head of household on the 1870 census, then as widowed on the 1880 census.  While some researchers have his death year listed as 1884, I have come to the conclusion that Jules Adolphe Bourgoyne died before the 1870 census was taken.  

If anyone has more information on this family, contact me by email:  susanbourgoyne@yahoo.com.  Thanks!

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