Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Sardine Point: Residential Illustrations

I'm not sure who drew this illustration depicting the Sardine Point settlement, but it was among the copies of family history I received from Mark DeVillier several years ago.  It is of my opinion that the drawings were penciled by Sue Fryoux Blanchard, who also wrote about the history of the area.  

These illustrations give me a "visual record" of the residential and business organization of the settlement.  By viewing these documents, I acquire a sense of knowledge about where the residents lived and who their next door neighbors were.  

Many of the residents in Sardine Point were related to our Bourgoyne family.  I am slowly establishing the connections between the various families on the Point, but there is still much more information to gather! 

Property owners (heads of households) and businesses along the fourteen-mile settlement area were- the numbers below coincide with numbers on the above illustrations:
1.   Australia Plantation
2.   J.M. Bourgoyne (Joseph Mames Bourgoyne married Mary Estelle Lessard)
3.   Lionel A. Bourgoyne (Lionel Arthur Bourgoyne, married first Henrietta Allain, married second Jeannie Lucille Allemond)
4.   Joseph A. Tullier
5.   Anatole Bourgoyne (Joseph Anatole Bourgoyne, married Margueritte Tullier)
6.   Mrs. H. Frioux and Vincent Tullier
7.   Anatole Bourgoyne (Joseph Anatole Bourgoyne, married Margueritte Tullier)
8.  Dorval Tullier (married Adelaine Hermine LeBlanc, daughter of Faustin S. LeBlanc and Juliene P. Bourgoyne)
9.   Vincent Tullier
10.  Police Jury of West Baton Rouge
11.  M.J.L. Breaux Estate
12.  Wm. Robeau Estate  (William Robeau); House rented by Samuel Thompson
13.  V.C. Comeaux  (Victorin C. Comeaux)
13B. Store
13C. Rudolph P. Comeaux (married Sybil Rivet)
13D. St. John the Baptist Catholic Church
14.  Ernest Comeaux (married Julie White)
15. Griffon Estate 
16.  Alcee Comeaux (married Laura Dupuy)
17.  V.C. Comeaux Sr.  (Victorin C. Comeaux Sr, married Marie Henriette Braud)
18.  L.M. Marionneaux  (Louis Murrell Marionneaux)
19.  J. Raoul Robeau (Joseph Raoul Robeau, Sr married Vivia Comeaux, daughter of Victorin C. Comeaux and Marie Henriette Braud)
20.  V.C. Comeaux Jr.  (Victorin C. Comeaux Jr, married first Myrthe Boudreaux, married second Elizabeth Jones)
21.  Fideles Tullier Estate
22.  Yves Tullier
23.  C.C. Thompson Estate; Resident Gervais Joseph Comeaux
24.  C.T. Tullier  (Charles T. Tullier)
24A. David P. Comeaux Sr
24B. Abel Loubiere
25.  Eliza Plantation; E.L. Caldwell  (Elbert Lee Caldwell)
25A.Wallace Hebert
25B. Mrs. Julie Smith Estate  (nee Julia Ferbos, married Samuel M. Smith)

If you have further information on the above families, please contact me!  I would greatly appreciate photos, memoirs, family history, and more.  I may be contacted by email:  susanbourgoyne@yahoo.com

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