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Lionel Arthur Bourgoyne

Lionel Arthur Bourgoyne

Lionel Arthur Bourgoyne was born 11 November 1891 in West Baton Rouge Parish, Louisiana, the son of Joseph Anatole Bourgoyne and Margueritte Tullier.  He is shown in the household of his parents on the 1910 census of West Baton Rouge Parish.  He was then 19 years old, single and worked as a laborer on nearby farms.  

Lionel married Henrietta Allain on 12 April 1917.  By 1920, the couple resided in Police Jury Ward 8 of Iberville Parish, Louisiana and had two children- Charles and Agnes.  Lionel worked as a salesman in a grocery store according to the census record.  In 1921, Lionel and Henrietta welcomed a new addition to their family- their son, Andrew Joseph.  

A turn of events forced several changes in Lionel's life over the course of the next few years.  His wife, Henrietta, died unexpectedly.  After her death, Lionel and his children moved back to West Baton Rouge Parish near other family members.  About 1928, Lionel remarried.  His second wife was Jeannie Lucille Allemond.  On the 1930 census, Lionel "Burgoyne" and his wife Jeanne A. were residents in Police Jury Ward 1 of West Baton Rouge Parish.  Lionel's three children from his first marriage resided with them.  Lionel then earned a living as a delivery man on a bread route.

Lionel Bourgoyne is listed on Lot #3 on the Sardine Point settlement and Lot #20 on the Cut Off settlement.

I will update information after my search through the 1940 census.  Lionel Arthur Bourgoyne died October 1973.  There are still many blanks that need to be filled in on his family.  

This is the information I have thus far on the children. The children of Lionel Arthur Bourgoyne and Henrietta Allain:
i.   Charles Lionel Bourgoyne married (1) Lena Mary Bourg, the daughter of Joseph Bourg and Cecelia Gremillion  (2)  Ida Mae Higgins
ii.   Agnes Bourgoyne married Linzie Joseph Tullier Sr, the son of Duclede Tullier and Amy Tullier
iii.  Andrew Joseph Bourgoyne, Sr was born 19 March 1921 in Plaquemine, Iberville Parish, Louisiana and died 15 August 1970 in Plaquemine; married Florence Bourg, daughter of Joseph Bourg and Cecelia Gremillion, on 14 November 1941 in Port Allen, West Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Children of Lionel Arthur Bourgoyne and Jeannie Lucille Allemond:
i.    Harold Gerard Bourgoyne, married Jackie Matherne
ii.  Betty Jane Bourgoyne, born 1933 and died 18 May 2009 in Port Allen, West Baton Rouge Parish, Louisiana; married Harry J. Barbay, Jr
iii.   Learline Bourgoyne, married (1) C. Paul Morales (2) William Hill
iv.  Carroll Bourgoyne, married Lucille Hernandez
v.   Margaret Bourgoyne

I love this photo!  The children of Lionel Arthur Bourgoyne,
left to right:  Charles, Andrew, Agnes and Harold
Photo dated early 1930's

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