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Allen Peter Bourgoyne

Allen Peter Bourgoyne and wife,
Marie Eugenie Tullier

Allen Peter Bourgoyne, the son of Joseph Anatole Bourgoyne and Margueritte Tullier, was born 11 July 1880 in West Baton Rouge Parish, Louisiana and died 07 December 1955.   The 1900 census of West Baton Rouge Parish shows that Allen "Baurgon", age 19, resided in the household with his father "Anatol Baurgon", mother Margrett and siblings Henry, Eddey, Lionale and Victor.  

Allen married Marie Eugenie Tullier on 28 January 1903, the daughter of Enos Tullier and Rosalie Hebert.  She was born 09 April 1884 in West Baton Rouge Parish and died 27 March 1958 in Plaquemine, Iberville Parish, Louisiana.   

On the 1920 census, "Alen Bourgoyne", a 38 year old dredge boat operator, resided in West Baton Rouge Parish with wife, Eugenia and their children- Elmire, Julia, Roselia, Allen Jr, Burton and Eugenia Marie.  They resided on Lot #18 on the Cut Off Settlement Residential Illustration- click here to view.  Ten years later, Allen and Eugenie resided in District 7 of Iberville Parish, Louisiana.  The 1930 census shows that Allen was employed as a machinist on a dredge boat while daughter, Rozelia and son, Burton were both sales clerks at a dry goods store.  Their youngest daughter Eugenie also remained in their household.  I have not yet searched the 1940 census.  

The children of Allen Peter Bourgoyne and Marie Eugenie Tullier:
i.   Marie Elmire Bourgoyne, born 09 November 1903 and died 23 August 1946, married Robert W. Sibley
ii.  Xavier Bourgoyne, born 15 December 1904 and died 12 April 1987, married (1) Aldridge Tullier (2) Joseph Dewey Besson  (3) Charles E. Tassin.  I'm uncertain of the order of marriages.
iii.  Rosalia Bourgoyne, born 04 March 1906 and died 23 January 1978
iv.  Allen Peter Bourgoyne Jr, born 05 August 1908, married Veronica Alexander
v.  Joseph Burton Bourgoyne, born 23 July 1910 and died 09 December 1971
vi.  Marie Eugenie Bourgoyne, born 06 March 1913, married Jules Fayette Durand, Jr

Eugenie and Allen (sitting) at their 50th Wedding Anniversary
Standing, left to right: "Ticka"(Eugenie), Xavier,
Allen Jr, Burton and Rosalia

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