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Juliene Pourpore Bourgoyne

Juliene Pourpore Bourgoyne, the eldest child and daughter of Jules Francois Bourgoyne and Cecile Adelaide Tullier, was born 25 May 1825 in Louisiana.  She married Faustin Sosthenes LeBlanc on 18 July 1842 in West Baton Rouge Parish, Louisiana.  Faustin was born 15 February 1818, the son of Paul LeBlanc and Delaide Melancon.  I'm curious about Juliene's middle name- Pourpore.  Was that her actual middle name, and what is the origin of it?  Research confirms that Pourpore is also used as a surname- did some of her ancestors have the surname Pourpore?  

The 1850 census of West Baton Rouge Parish shows Juliene and her children in the household of her husband, Faustin LeBlanc.  That is the only record to date that I have of this family.  Juliene died 02 September 1853 in Brusly so she isn't seen on any further census records.  

Juliene and Faustin had the following children, to my knowledge:

i.  Adelaine Hermine Leblanc, born 1843.  She married Dorval Tullier on 24 September 1860 in Brusly, West Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  He was born 27 February 1839 and died 09 December 1931.  They had 5 sons:  Simon, Edmay, Elzert, Benjamin John "Jack", and Emile.  Adelaine and Dorval Tullier resided in Sardine Point- see house #8 on Sardine Point illustrations.
ii.  Jules Augustin Leblanc, born 13 October 1845 in Brusly, West Baton Rouge Parish, Louisiana.  He married Adelaide Dauphine ________ (last name unknown).  They had 6 children:  Sons- Julien, Pascal, Francois and Arestide and Daughters Eugenie and Julia.
iii.  Adam Adolphe LeBlanc, born 27 January 1848 in West Baton Rouge Parish and died in 1911.  He married Mary Elizabeth Hernandez on 03 November 1884.  She was born 06 February 1864 and died 01 April 1960 in East Baton Rouge Parish, Louisiana.  They had the following children:  Sons- Leo and Richard Boyd and Daughters- Alice, Camille, Thelma and Elmina Anna.  
iv.  Marie Victoria LeBlanc, born 31 March 1850 in West Baton Rouge Parish and died 05 February 1927 in Ascension Parish, Louisiana.  She married Euzebie Tullier.  He was born 17 October 1846 in Sardine Point, West Baton Rouge Parish and died 1915.  Their children were:  Sons- Armand, Paul and Isadore Joseph; Daughters- Camille, Mathilde, Elvira and Julie Ann.
v.  Edgard LeBlanc, born 25 February 1852 in West Baton Rouge Parish, Louisiana.  No further info.

(This information has not been documented.  It is based on information received from other family records.  If you would like to correct or add to this information, please contact me.  Thanks!)

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