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Joseph Mames Bourgoyne

Mary Estelle Lessard Bourgoyne and
Joseph Mames Bourgoyne
(Photo, courtesy of Carole Schexnaidre Klein)

Joseph Mames Bourgoyne, the son of Jules Adolphe Bourgoyne and Marie Victorine Fryoux, was born between 1865-1867 in Louisiana, probably West Baton Rouge Parish.  There are conflicting records listing his year of birth.  The 1870 census of West Baton Rouge Parish, Louisiana has "Mames", age 4, listed in the household with his widowed mother, Victorine Bourgogne.  

On 29 December 1887, Joseph Mames Bourgoyne married Mary Estelle Lessard in Brusly, West Baton Rouge Parish, Louisiana.  

The next record I have of Mames is the 1910 census which shows him as head of household in Police Jury Ward 1, West Baton Rouge Parish, Louisiana.  That record indicates that he and Estelle had been married 22 years and were the parents of 9 children, all living.  Six children remained in the home with Mames and Estelle at that time:  son Joseph, age 14, daughter Maude, age 13, daughter Katie, age 10, son Junius, age 8, daughter Clillian (Claylia), age 4, and daughter Volina, age 2.  

Ten years later, the 1920 census shows that Mames and Estelle remained in Police Jury Ward 1, West Baton Rouge Parish.  Mames was a "cane farmer", meaning that he either produced sugar cane on his own land or that he worked in the sugar cane industry on one of the local sugar cane farms.  Their children listed on this census were Maud, Kate, Junius (or Junior), Claylia, Volina and Lolita, who was age 9.  Their daughter, Lolita, was born after the 1910 census which means that Mames and Estelle actually had 10 children.  Also listed separately in the same household on the 1920 census was Lily Tullier, age 30, widowed, and her daughter Eula May Tullier, age 9.  It is my opinion that Lily was their daughter as well.

Mary Estelle Lessard Bourgoyne died 05 February 1927.  The 1930 census indicates that Mames was then living with his son and daughter-in-law, Joseph and Louise Bourgoyne in Policy Jury Ward 6, Iberville Parish, Louisiana.  Joseph Mames Bourgoyne died 28 July 1935.  He was buried next to his wife in Brusly, Louisiana.  

Headstone which marks the grave site of
Mrs. J. Mames Bourgoyne  1869-1927 and
J. Mames Bourgoyne  1865-1935
(Photo, courtesy of Carole Schexnaidre Klein)
I am still trying to piece together information on the children of Joseph Mames Bourgoyne and Mary Estelle Lessard.  Thus far, this is the information I have:
i.    Lillian Bourgoyne, born about 1890, married a Tullier, widowed by 1920.
ii.   Lenora Bourgoyne, born about 1891, married George E. Comeaux.
iii.  Joseph Mames Bourgoyne Jr., born about 1896, married Louise Comeaux.
iv. Mary Maude Bourgoyne, born 24 March 1897 and died 04 January 1985 in Port Allen, West Baton Rouge, Louisiana; married Norman Richard Schlatre.  
v.  Kate Bourgoyne, born about 1900.
vi.  Junius Bourgoyne, born about 1903, married H. Tircuit.
vii. Claylia Francis Bourgoyne, born 03 November 1904 and died 15 February 1986 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana; married John Lewis Brown Sr.
viii. Volina Bourgoyne, born about 1908
ix.  Lolita Bourgoyne, born 26 September 1910 and died 15 May 1998 in Destin, Florida; married Samuel Joseph DeVillier.

If Mames and Estelle had a total of 10 children, then I am missing one of them.  If you have any information that could help me fill in some of these blanks, I would graciously appreciate your input.  Please contact me at  Thanks!!!

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