Saturday, July 28, 2012

A Place in History: Back Brusly Oak

Back Brusly Oak located in Brusly, West Baton Rouge Parish, LA
According to the Town of Brusly website, this old tree is one of the town's historic symbols.  As of 2002, the tree was more than 350 years old and had been enrolled in the Live Oak Society in 1969 through the efforts of Mrs. Ethel Claiborne "Puffy" Dameron.  

According to the Chronicles of West Baton Rouge (Kellough & Mayeux, 1979), "this old oak tree served as a congregating point for persons in the community for many years.  It was the ideal spot for exchanging gossip, business talk, and even meeting lovers.  The oak tree was a favorite spot for political discussions.  Many a campaigning politician would pass the word to meet under the oak tree, and he was assured of having a sizable gathering for his oration".  

In the early 1900's, a dance hall sat next door and several "Mom and Pop" stores were situated within walking distance from the tree.  People would come to town and purchase the things they needed then gather with others for conversation beneath the tree.

A memorial marker was dedicated to the historic place on October 1, 1976, during the 75th anniversary of the Town of Brusly.  Between July 4 and July 8, 2002, the marker was dug up and hauled off. Over $1200 in rewards were offered for its’ safe return. Thanks to the efforts of the news media and the Town officials, the marker was recovered from the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway near Morley Marina. It was cleaned and re-erected to its’ original location beside the Back Brusly oak where it stands today (

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  1. My Grandmother grew up in Back Brusly. My brother lives there now. Several family members buried in the graveyard at the Catholic Church. It is definitely a quaint little town.