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Theodore Adolphe Bourgoyne

Theodore Adolphe Bourgoyne,
probably in his 70's

Theodore Adolphe Bourgoyne, the son of Jules Adolphe Bourgoyne and Marie Victorine Fryoux, was born 27 May 1856 in Louisiana, probably in West Baton Rouge Parish.  On the 1870 census of West Baton Rouge Parish, he was listed as 14 years old and living in the household with his widowed mother, Victorine Bourgogne.  He was the eldest of six known children.  Theodore married Celeste Eugenie Templet, the daughter of Eugene and Celestine Marie Templet, on 15 January 1880 in West Baton Rouge Parish, Louisiana.   She was born 14 July 1857 in West Baton Rouge Parish.  

Though I have not found Theodore and his wife on the 1880 census, I did locate them on the 1900 census, Ward 1, West Baton Rouge Parish, Louisiana.  The record shows Theodore heading his household with wife Celeste and their eight children- Willie, Eugenie, Valier, Mary, Francis, Emile, Lesia and Adam.  

At some point between 1900 and 1920, Theodore and his family relocated from West Baton Rouge Parish to Iberville Parish.  The 1920 census finds Theodore Bourgoyne heading his household in Police Jury Ward 8 of Iberville Parish, Louisiana.  The record listed his wife, Eugenie, along with son Adam and daughter-in-law Albertine.   During the early 1900's, Theodore and his family operated a meat market in Plaquemine, therefore, they probably lived close to town due to commuting back and forth to the market.

Theodore took an interest in
reading the local newspaper

In 1930, the census shows that Theodore and his wife Eugenie remained in the same location of Iberville Parish as this is where they owned their home.  Adam and his wife Albertine continued living in the same home with Theodore but by 1930, the young couple had three children which are shown on the census- Curtis, Margaret and Earl.  In that era, it was common for aging parents to have children and grandchildren in their home.  Theodore and his wife were both in their 70's at that time.  

Theodore and his wife, Celeste Eugenie Templet
Photo taken c. 1932
Theodore died on 18 June 1936 in Iberville Parish, Louisiana.  The following year, his wife passed away, on 18 March 1937.    

Children of Theodore Adolphe Bourgoyne and Celeste Eugenie Templet:  Sons- William Francis, Eugene Martin, Joseph Valiere, Joseph Francis, Emile and Adam Theodore; Daughters- Marie Victorine and Lesia.

Left to right:  Theodore, Eugenie, daughter-in-law Albertine, son Adam,
daughter-in-law Leona holding baby Sibby, son Emile and granddaughter
Erma is sitting on lower step (Erma and Sibby were daughters of Emile and Leona)
Note that Theodore and his son Emile both have white aprons on- these were
worn while they were on duty at the meat market

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  1. Hi Susan! Theo Bourgoyne is my 3rd great-grandfather, and I actually have found Theo and Eugenie on the 1880 Census. If you look above Anatole's name, you can see that Theo, just like Anatole, lived with his mother and siblings still. You can also see that on his marital status, his is marked as "married". At the bottom of the household listing is what looks like Virginia at first glance. However, she's listed at "daughter-in-law" and "married" as well. Based on that, I'm fairly confident that's Eugenie, just with a misspelled name. Not surprised, considering the variations on Bourgoyne I've seen.