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Daniel Bourgoyne

Daniel Bourgoyne, the son of Jules Adolphe Bourgoyne and Marie Victorine Fryoux, was born September 1865 in Louisiana, probably West Baton Rouge Parish.  On the 1870 census of West Baton Rouge Parish, Louisiana, Daniel is listed as 6 years old, living in the household with his widowed mother, Victorine Bourgogne.  He was the fourth child born of six children listed.  

Daniel Bourgoyne married Ada Templet on 15 December 1885 in West Baton Rouge Parish, Louisiana.  Ada was born in 1865, the daughter of Eugene and Celestine Marie Templet.  Ada's sister, Celeste Eugenie Templet, had married Daniel's brother, Theodore Adolphe Bourgoyne, five years earlier.  

The next record I found of Daniel and his family is the 1900 census.  At that time, "Daniel Bourgoine" resided in Ward 6 of Iberville Parish, Louisiana.  The census listed him as 34 years old, born Sept 1865, and he was listed as widowed.  His children listed were:  son Frank, age 11, son Ed, age 8, daughter Clayora, age 6 and son Daniel Jr, age 2.  Also listed in Daniel's household was "Adilie Thumplet", sister-in-law, age 26, single and "Celestine Thumplet", mother-in-law, age 69, widowed.  Apparently, Daniel's wife Ada died between 1897 and 1900.  Did Ada die after giving childbirth to Daniel Jr?  Did Ada's sister, Adalie Templet, and her mother, Celestine Marie Templet, move in with Daniel to help him with the young children that were left without a mother?  

The 1910 census taken in Police Jury Ward 8, Iberville Parish, Louisiana shows that Daniel remarried.  The census record indicates that 44 year old "Daniel Burgoyne" headed his household along with his wife of 10 years, Adalie, age 37.  It is reasonable to assume from comparing the 1900 and 1910 census that Daniel Bourgoyne married Adalie Templet, sister of his first wife, Ada Templet.  The children in their household were listed as:  daughter Clotilde, age 9, daughter Lizzie, age 6, daughter Annie, age 3 and son Jules, age 2.  The children of Daniel and Ada Templet are not listed in his household on this census.  They were probably living in the household of other relatives.  It is possible that by 1910 his sons Frank and Ed had established their own households since they would have been adults by then.  

Ten years later the 1920 census of Police Jury Ward 8, Assumption Parish, Louisiana shows "Daniel Bourgon", age 60, was once again a widowed man.  Seven of his children resided with him including:  daughter Clayora, age 21, daughter Edna, age 20, daughter Clotile, age 17, son Jules, age 16, daughter Lizzie, age 12, daughter Annie, age 10, and son Oleus, age 6.   I am left to wonder about the daughter,  "Edna".  If "Edna" was 20 years old in 1920, why wasn't she listed on the 1900 census?  Could "Ed" from the 1900 census be the same person as "Edna" from the 1920 census and there was a mistake made when the information was written by the census taker?  I'm also left to wonder what happened to Daniel's second wife, Adalie.  Did she die from similar circumstances as her sister, Ada?  

At present, I have no concrete records of Daniel Bourgoyne or his two wives.  I read a post on one of the Bourgoyne family message boards, written by someone who stated that Daniel Bourgoyne was her great-grandfather.  She reported that Daniel lived to be 103 years old and that near the end of his life, he resided in the Donaldsonville and White Castle area of Louisiana.  Thus far I have been unable to find Daniel on the 1930 or 1940 census records.  However, I haven't spent a lot of time searching through those records yet.  If anyone has further information on Daniel Bourgoyne and his family, please contact me- I would greatly appreciate any information, Thanks!

In summary, the information I have gathered on Daniel Bourgoyne and his family is as follows:

Daniel and his first wife, Ada, had the following children:  
i.    Frank Michel Bourgoyne, born 11 March 1889 and died February 1965; married Anna Charlet
ii.   Edgar Bourgoyne (or possible Edna Bourgoyne), born 1892
iii.  Clayora Bourgoyne, born 1894
iv.  Daniel Bourgoyne Jr, born October 1897

Daniel and his second wife, Adalie, had the following children:
i.   Clothilde Celestine Bourgoyne, born 14 May 1901 and died 15 February 1991
ii.   Lizzie Bourgoyne, born 1904
iii.  Annie Bourgoyne, born 1907
iv.  Jules Bourgoyne, born 1908
v.   Oleus Bourgoyne, born 28 September 1910 and died 15 April 1994

I will update this information as further research progresses.  

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