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Paul Alfred Ferbos

Paul Alfred Ferbos was born 28 October 1807 in West Baton Rouge Parish, Louisiana.  He was the son of Francois Ferbos and Marie Victorine "Reine" Trahan.  On 11 April 1836, Paul married Adeline Sidalise Landry (variation Adelaine Cidalise), the daughter of Joseph Xavier Landry and Marie Madeleine Foret.  She was born 19 November 1811 in Louisiana, probably West Baton Rouge Parish.  

The 1840 census record of West Baton Rouge Parish indicates that Paul "Ferborise" had the following members in his household:  one male, age 30-39 (Paul), one female, age 20-29 (Adelaine), one male under age 5 (son Francis Ulysses), and one female under age 5 (daughter Marie Antoinette).  The 1840 census also shows that Paul was a slaveholder, having a total of 5 slaves listed.

The document on left is a Certificate of Baptism showing that Marie Antoinette Ferbos, child of Paul Ferbos and Adeline Landry was born on 16 July 1837 and baptized on 02 April 1838 in St Joseph Church, Baton Rouge, La.  Sponsors were Valmon Ferbois (brother of Paul Alfred Ferbos) and Marie Reine Trahan (mother of Paul Alfred Ferbos).  Click on document for larger view of the image.

A land record search yielded a certificate (Sale-Cash entry, Certificate No. 2516, land office in New Orleans) dated 17 April 1845 whereas Valmont Ferbos and Paul Ferbos of the Parish of West Baton Rouge, Louisiana, were issued 158.9 acres in the SE quarter of Section 26 in Township 8, west of the Mississippi River, Range 11E.

Paul's wife Adeline died 09 May 1850 from "Dysentery" (U.S. Federal Census Mortality Schedule, 1850-1885).  Dysentery is an inflammatory disorder of the intestine which, if left untreated, can cause severe dehydration and death.  It was responsible for multiple deaths in earlier decades before the advent of intravenous therapy and antibiotics.

On the 1850 census of West Baton Rouge Parish, Paul Ferbos, age 41, was head of his household with three children- Antoinette, age 13, Ulzlir (Ulysses), age 11, and Velleire (Valiere), age 4.  His brother, Valmont Ferbos, was living next door.  They were both listed as planters.  The slaves listed in Paul's household consisted of one male age 43, one male age 32, one female age 28 and 6 children age 10 and under.  The ages indicate that out of the 9 slaves in Paul's household, 8 of them were within a single family unit- the parents with six children.

Nearly two years after the death of his first wife, Paul married again.  Pamelia Marson, the daughter of Eugene Augustin Marson and Marie Euphrasie Hebert, became Paul's wife on 19 April 1852 in West Baton Rouge Parish, Louisiana.  Pamelia was twenty-three years younger than Paul, having been born on 15 January 1830.  From the union of Paul Ferbos and Pamelia Marson, two daughters were born- Marie Clara and Julia.

Family history reports that Paul Ferbos died 15 October 1855.  I presently have no proof of this nor knowledge of where he is buried.

On the 1860 census of West Baton Rouge Parish, "Wd Paul Ferbos", female, is shown as head of household with children Marie C., age 6 and Julie A., age 4.  Pamelia remarried on 26 November 1860 to Gerald "Gabriel" Loubiere.  By 1860, Marie Antoinette Ferbos, Paul's oldest daughter from his first marriage, was married to Charles Bertrand Rivault.  His son, Francis Ulysses Ferbos, then about age 21, resided in the household with Auguste Gassie.  Paul's youngest known son, Valiere Ferbos, was about 14 years old and he resided with his uncle Valmont Ferbos.

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  1. Thanks for this post. I still have a readable image of the 1860 census listing Ulysses as living with Auguste Gassie, but we weren't sure where Ulysses fit in the Ferbos tree (Ancestry currently has one that is not legible). Paul's aunt Jeanne Ferbos married a Jean Gassies (dit Ballon), my triple-great grandfather.